Pergolas ravishing Pakenham

Are you still admiring that lovely pergola you gazed upon in that magazine?

Indeed, pergolas add great value to your property. At Pergolas Plus, we can build elegant pergolas that truly exude class and make your yard look more charming than ever. Yes! We can do this right at your doorstep in Pakenham.

Get us involved and we’ll guarantee that your new favourite spot will right beside your door. Just bring in some outdoor furniture, a tabletop, and that book you’ve been dying to get through… and treat yourself to a lazy Sunday afternoon, or perhaps some tea with friends.

Ring us on 1800 557 250 or 8746 9866 and we’ll send an expert builder right to your doorstep in Pakenham to help you complete this picture. Of course, we can hand you an obligation FREE quote too.

Don’t forget them crawling plants and vines that bloom in bright colours to add a sparkle of glamour overlooking the yard.